Community Giving & Support Program

From Day 1

I have always believed in a personal sense of responsibility. Responsibility to myself, my family, my friends and the community.

As a company the focus might have changed but the core values are the same. We believe in a responsibility to our customers, suppliers and a responsibility to support the community.

It is because of these values that I setup this community giving & support program from Day 1 of starting this business.

Like any business we engage external organisations to handle those things that outside of our own expertise. This is why we choose to support organisations like Brisbane Youth Service and Beyond Blue because they are experts in their respective fields.

Alexilum is committed to donating $6 for every Activity Statement we lodge on behalf of our clients with proceeds going to both Brisbane Youth Service and Beyond Blue.

I hope you will choose to support local services like these so we can all make a difference to our communities.

Sam Miller
Team Principal
Alexilum Pty Ltd

Brisbane Youth Service

We support Brisbane Youth Service because they have been helping homeless youth in and around Brisbane since 1977 and understand the struggles that they go through every day.

On any given night in Queensland, there are 4,454 young people (aged 12-24) facing homelessness. The total homelessness rate rose 68% in Brisbane’s Inner City in the five years to 2016 – main factors being poverty, domestic violence and housing affordability (2016 Census).

If we could get 4,000 companies to support Brisbane Youth Service we could make a difference to thousands of young lives.

BYS provide a number of services for young people experiencing or at risk of facing homelessness, including:

  • Housing and tenancy support
  • Health services
  • Emergency relief
  • Street outreach
  • Information and referral
  • Advocacy / support
  • Support for young families
  • Support for young women

Find out more about Brisbane Youth Service on their website including how to donate.

Brisbane Youth Service have written an article about our program which you can read here.

Heads Up Beyond Blue

Established in 2000 Beyond Blue has a range of support services, awareness programs and perform research for the millions of Australians affected by anxiety, depression and suicide.

Around 2 million people in Australia live with anxiety, 1 million are living with depression and on average 8 people take their lives every day.

In 2014 Beyond Blue in conjunction with a consortium called the Mentally Healthy Workplace Alliance created a campaign called Heads Up. This campaign was designed to encourage a more open dialog about mental health in the workplace.

Since its inception the Heads Up campaign have developed a large amount of support materials designed for:

  • Employers & Business Leaders
  • Managers
  • Employees
  • Small Businesses

We encourage business owners to take advantage of the resources available on the Heads Up website. By strategically creating workplaces that support healthy workspaces we can support not only your staff but improve your own mental health as well.

Find out more about Beyond Blue on their website including how to donate.

Find out more about the Heads Up campaign on their website including resources for small business owners, employers and staff.

Workplace Giving Program

In addition to our Community Giving & Support program we also have a Workplace Giving program so that staff can get involved as well.

Our Workplace Giving program allows staff to either nominate a once off donation or a regular donation from every pay run to either Brisbane Youth Service or Beyond Blue (even both if they wish!). This is structured so that staff get an immediate tax deduction for their contribution and no further paperwork is necessary as the donation is shown on their pay slip.

Donations from staff through this program are then forwarded to their chosen charity each month along with our own contributions from the Community Giving & Support program.

If you would like to know more about our workplace giving program or would like help setting up your own, feel free to contact us today.

Our Challenge To Your Business

If every business, big or small made a contribution to their local community the world would be a much better place.

We challenge you to find a way to support your local community. It doesn’t have to be money; you might allow staff to volunteer for a short time during work hours every month or so or you might have an inter-company fund raiser. There are so many different ways you could show your business cares.

We chose to make donations based on one of our core services, so as we grow the money we give to support our community grows too. It seems only fair that our community should benefit more with our own success.

If you would like to find out more about our community giving program or how you could support your local area feel free to contact us today.