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Alexilum, a south-east Queensland based company is known to offer the most reliable bookkeeping services in Sunshine Coast and other parts of Australia. Our bookkeepers offer the following range of services to the clients:

Advantages of Outsourcing Your Bookkeeping

The following benefits offered by our company with regards to bookkeeping attract several clients to hire our services:

  • Saving Time – Save your time by outsourcing bookkeeping and focus on business expansion.
  • Streamlined Processes – Our bookkeepers always follow streamlined processes in tallying the accounts of the clients. This means you provide your information to the experts only once and then they take care of further analysis.
  • Save Money – Professional accountants charge huge amounts of money these days to take care of your accounts. This can be quite a burden for many organisations. Our agency offers bookkeeping services at the best rates. Our bookkeepers handle all types of mistakes in accounting throughout the year at the pre-fixed package.
  • Access to Experience – Our Company has the most experienced team that handles the bookkeeping of the clients. You can always consult the experts in matters that you get stuck in.
  • Continuity & Reliability – Our agency maintains a consistent and ongoing relationship with the companies. We believe in serving customers on a lifelong basis. So, by hiring our services, you do not have to think about searching for new employees to handle the accounts every now and then.
  • Better Reporting – Our professional bookkeepers draft customised reports for businesses. Thus the report of your company is going to reflect only those figures and information that are relevant to the business.

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Services We Provide

Bookkeeping & BAS

We are a certified and registered BAS agent (registration no: 25784609). Clients trust us even more as we comply with every requirement of the statute. Managers can remain tension-free when we handle accounts on their behalf.

Our experts submit the payroll details activity statements and other reports of the companies to the ATO on time. Thus, companies do not have to worry about their delayed assessment as everything gets handled by us. We are also registered with the Board of Tax Practitioners. Our company no doubt has gained the confidence of the customers after fulfilling all the compliances.

Payroll & Staff

Keeping your staff satisfied is no doubt the most important job of every organisation. If their payroll sheets are full of mistakes, their timely pays get hampered. This leads to dissatisfaction with their parts and they go for better options for leaving your company. At Alexilum Sunshine Coast, we offer total access to the staff via ‘YourPayroll’ and ‘WorkZone’.

They can use the portal and app to get access to the timesheets and payroll details. Your staff can now manage his or her own details on the sheets. So, the room for mistakes gets reduced. The entire management of staff becomes simplified with this process. Managers can go through the sheets once before processing the payments.

Business Systems

Our company maintains strong partnerships with various technology platforms to offer quality bookkeeping services to the clients.

These partnerships help us in adding more value to the businesses. Our long-term dedication and efforts result in the following valuable partnerships:

Insights & Analysis

Businesses often fail to analyse their financial position in the market. This requires more analysis and insights that our experts offer to the companies. When businesses know their financial standing in the market, they can take steps towards a better future.

Packages & Pricing

Our Sunshine Coast bookkeeping rates are quite competitive in nature. We take into account the budget and suitability of various businesses before designing our monthly packages. Depending on the size and type of business that you are carrying on, our services get add-on with the monthly rates.

The system of monthly package proves to be quite beneficial for businesses. They are certain of the amount that is going to be spent and thus budget accordingly.

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Contact us now and enquire more about our services in Sunshine Coast. Our efficient bookkeepers at the agency readily entertain all the doubts of the clients.

We have worked with various types of industries in the Sunshine Coast over the years. Our team understands the varying requirements of the clients. We understand the amount of stress that businessmen go through when it comes to accounting. Our professional bookkeepers not just help them in maintaining proper accounts but also assist the managers in making perfect decisions for the betterment of businesses.