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Alexilum brings the best bookkeeping services in Redcliffe and all over Australia. Our South-East Queensland based company provides various services including:

Advantages of Outsourcing Your Bookkeeping

There are numerous advantages of outsourcing the task of bookkeeping to professional bookkeepers of Redcliffe. Some of them are:

  • Saving Time – You have to devote lesser time to books and can focus on more important tasks of your growing business.
  • Streamlined Processes – Our bookkeeping company implements streamlined procedures so that your books and payrolls need to be provided only once. The entire working becomes effortless.
  • Save Money – Alexilum is an experienced agency that can handle your books efficiently. Thus, you can save thousands that would otherwise be spent on accountants to fix the mistakes.
  • Access to Experience – Our Redcliffe bookkeepers are experienced professionals and are able to perform effectively across multiple industries. We are ready to address any issues troubling you.
  • Continuity & Reliability – We can guarantee you that, our bookkeeping services in Redcliffe provide consistency of ongoing services resulting in better management.
  • Better Reporting – We produce noteworthy reports as our experienced team of Redcliffe bookkeeper knows what to search for in the reports.

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Services We Provide

Bookkeeping & BAS

Alexilum is the best bookkeeping company in Redcliffe to take care of your books and manage them efficiently and save you lots of time and effort. Thus, you can devote your total concentration to the business, rather than minding books.

We are a registered agent (our registration number 25784609). Let us submit the payroll reporting and activity statements on your behalf to the ATO. Since Alexilum is a registered BAS agent, you can rely on our services.

Payroll & Staff

Every business house must take care of the staff. Any issue with the payroll makes your staff lose confidence. Our comprehensive system for payroll is effective in Redcliffe as well as Australia wide. We allow your staff to access the payroll portal and via a smartphone application.

With Alexilum, the payroll system becomes straightforward and transparent using various tools. Your managers get the option to verify the pays before processing and the staff can keep records of their own details as well.

You also have the option to get straightforward timesheets and rostering. The entire process becomes easier for the managers and the staff is also catered to.

Business Systems

Our company believes in unifying technological platforms, with their benefits and disciplined methodology to produce better results and quality solutions.

Perhaps a shortlist of our partnerships would give you an idea of the time and effort we put into our work to meet your expectations.

Insights & Analysis

We are well equipped and soundly trained to understand the financial position of your business. Our skilled professionals provide you with various meaningful insights to keep you updated about the financial statements.

Packages & Pricing

Our bookkeeping rates in Redcliffe are set keeping your interests in mind. We offer a wide range of fixed price monthly packages for you to choose from. Pick the perfect one suiting your needs. You can also opt for various add-ons along with the fixed packages. Get the ones fitting for your business size and type.

With a fixed monthly package, you can select the rates you wish to pay and draw up a budget for bookkeeping services.

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Contact us now in case you have any queries. Our bookkeeping company is the best agency for providing superior services. Leave all the tedious work with our professional bookkeepers and rest easy.

Bookkeeping can become stressful and end up consuming a lot of precious time that could be otherwise spent focusing on your bushings. This is where our expertise and skills come in handy. Bookkeeping professionals can address any query and issue. We help our clients throughout the entire process. Alexilum believes in maintaining confidentiality, care and straightforwardness. Open communication and client-friendly mentality make us your perfect bookkeeping partner.