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Our South East Queensland based company offers multiple ranges of services related to bookkeeping in various parts around Australia and Gold Coast. These include:

Advantages of Outsourcing Your Bookkeeping

There are various reasons for which companies must outsource their bookkeeping requirements. Some are here below:

  • Saving Time – Less time gets invested in checking your books. You can pay more attention to growing your business.
  • Streamlined Processes – Our experts can handle bookkeeping on a daily basis. Our streamlined processes allow clients to offer information for a single time. Thereafter, everything else gets taken care of.
  • Save Money – When you work with a competent bookkeeper like Alexilum Gold Coast, your books get verified and analysed in the most effective manner. Companies no longer have to pay huge amounts of money to their accountants. Thus, you can save thousands and even more by hiring our professional bookkeepers. We fix up every mistake in accounting all throughout the year without bothering the management in any manner.
  • Access to Experience – Our Company has huge experience of working with several industries. Our Gold Coast based efficient bookkeepers help clients in handling in form of critical situation that they might face in the process.
  • Continuity & Reliability – When you hire employees for accounting services, their employment never remains constant for a prolonged period. Staffs always come and leave the company as per their requirements. However, our agency believes in maintaining a continuous relationship with the clients. We offer ongoing and consistent bookkeeping services to our clients for a lifetime.
  • Better Reporting – Our experts know what information is most important in the reports. We customise the reports of the companies to reflect only those data that carry material importance to the business.

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Services We Provide

Bookkeeping & BAS

Our Gold Coast bookkeeping agency manages all your books and accounts while you can only concentrate on expanding your venture even further.

We are a registered BAS agent having the registration number 25784609. Your payroll reporting and activity statements get submitted by us to the ATO on time on behalf of your company. Being a registered BAS agent, customers rely on us with more confidence. Our company fulfils every compliance requirement and is even registered with the Board of Tax Practitioners.

Payroll & Staff

Staffs are the most vital parts of any organisation. If there are mistakes in the payroll, your staff can quite easily leave your firm causing huge problems to the organisation. Our payroll services in Gold Coast and in other parts of Australia are quite comprehensive. We offer access to your staff to the portal ‘YourPayroll’. They can even check the reporting using the pp ‘WorkZone’ via their smartphones.

These are quite beneficial tools using which the employees themselves can maintain their details in the payroll sheets. The manager simply requires verifying the pays before processing. Staffs have both online and offline access to the timesheets and payroll reports. Thus, the whole management becomes much easier for the company.

Business Systems

Our company builds partnerships with the technology platforms which help in adding value to the businesses of the clients. This helps us in offering better solutions to the customers at the best rates.

Some of our best partnerships that enable us to deliver high-end bookkeeping services to the clients include:

Insights & Analysis

Our experts offer insights to the clients so that they can recognise the financial position of their organisation with ease.

Packages & Pricing

Our monthly rates and packages are available in various ranges to suit the requirements of different businesses. We also offer various add-on services along with our monthly packages depending on the sizes and types of different businesses.

When you know how much amount you require allotting to your bookkeeping on a monthly basis, budgeting becomes much simpler.

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We understand how stressful bookkeeping can be for any company. Whether it is re-configuration or new accounting systems, our Gold Coast based experts help the clients through the whole process of transition. We take into account the confidentiality of the clients and keep handle every information with discretion and care.

Our company believes in open communication with every client. You may discuss issues with our experts at any point in time and keep yourselves informed about the updated reports related to accounting.