Your payroll or staff systems shouldn’t encounter a speed bump every time you have a change of staff. We have multiple staff trained to handle each client’s needs to give you consistency in every pay run.


Our experience in a variety of industries exposes our staff to many different situations that need resolving. You can lean on our experiences to unlock the knowledge required to fix your payroll issues.


By outsourcing your payroll you can limit the amount of access you provide to internal staff about your payroll and workforce.


A happy workforce equals happy customers and a prosperous business. When payroll is not handled timely and effectively can create problems with staff, customers and even regulatory authorities. It may result in staff turnover and lost clients which will add to your expenses. We can turn that around for you and make everyone happy by using either yours or our system.



The YourPayroll employee self service portals is a fully featured system to better manage staff payroll and management approvals.

Good for employees:

  • Can review shift schedules (if applicable)
  • Can check in and out to create accurate time sheets
  • Can lodge leave applications
  • Can submit reimbursement requests
  • Can set shift availability
  • Easy access to pay slips and PAYGW summaries

Good for managers:

  • Has built in rules for many common modern awards to help ensure compliance
  • Can easily manage employee shifts
  • Live access to employee time sheets and review for authorisation.
  • Review and authorise leave applications
  • Access to an extensive range of reports

The WorkZone smartphone app (available on both Android and iOS) gives employees many of the same functions found in the YourPayroll portal and simplifies payroll management.


Superannuation obligations require regulatory compliance and an organised bookkeeping system. It also has an impact on your staff when problems develop by not being able to understand the correct employee deductions for calculation purposes. It is a complicated process that a qualified person should be taking care of for you. Alexilum Brisbane can assist with setting up your payroll program to ensure the correct figures are tracked for accurate superannuation calculations. In other words, Alexilum’s payroll services can cure your headaches related to this task.



You rarely get a second chance to make a good first impression and with new staff, this is extremely important. Your new employees should feel welcomed from their first day on the job. They also should feel as if they are valued by the company they work for. A great way to set the tone and show that you operate a professional office is by using one of our new employee kits. They capture the key information required when new staff is employed.


Juggling numbers is difficult enough if you are not sure of what you are doing. This is even more crucial when it happens to involve your annual WorkCover calculations. It is easy to miscalculate in so many ways if you do not fully understand the wage categories for each of your employees. Having incorrect categories can mean too much or too little being factored in which may result in a larger bill for you the following year. Avoid this by having our team step in and work out the proper calculations using actual figures rather than estimates.


Alexilum – Australia’s leading payroll services Provider Company. Our payroll specialists have experience of working with wide range of businesses and provide a number of payroll services for small business in Brisbane and Australia wide.

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