Why You Should Consider Cloud Bookkeeping

If you’re still doing your businesses bookkeeping and accounting manually by using receipts and spreadsheets, then it’s time for change. Bookkeeping is an integral part of every business but there’s no denying that doing it is a chore.

Luckily, there are more than a few solutions on the market that take the hassle out of bookkeeping allowing you to gain greater insight in your business finances while helping you manage your inventory, taxes, payroll, payments, invoices and so much more! We are partnered with the three largest and most diverse cloud bookkeeping providers to help you find the best system that’s just right for your business.

Why Your Business Needs Cloud Bookkeeping?

If you’re looking for the simplest way to boost your businesses productivity and increase efficiency then cloud bookkeeping is exactly what your business needs. With cloud bookkeeping, you can automate manual tasks, have easy access to all your financial data, keep track of transactions remotely and focus on what matters most – growing your business.

If you want to achieve financial success, managing your cash flow efficiently is crucial. Without real-time insight into your business finances, most business owners conduct day to day operations blindly which goes without saying can have serious consequences. Cloud bookkeeping finally solves this problem with auto-updated, real-time information so that you can always be aware of the financial condition of your business.


When you’re a newcomer in the world for bookkeeping you need to start with something that is easy to use. Xero offers a range of plans suitable for small enterprises up to larger companies with features that are easy to use for the beginner but have a wide variety of features to appeal to more advanced users.

Taking care of day to day transactions is a breeze and can expand its functionality through third part addons including integration with payment gateways without needing to jump through hoops with your bank.

Once you upload all your finance data, Xero handles taking care of transactions and contacts.


Like Xero, Quickbooks has a range of plans to suit the smallest of operations to larger companies. It is focused on providing users fast results and features a variety of organisational features and is able to manage most relevant banking processes making it a great choice for any small business that wants to focus on growth.

QuickBooks can also generate reports on corporate profits or losses in a matter of moments so that businesses always have an idea about they’re doing financially.


MYOB Essentials is a cloud based bookkeeping and accounting software that allows you to keep track of how your business is doing while saving crucial data in the cloud forever.

While MYOB only has a single cloud product it is flexible enough to be used by a wide range of businesses.

Picking the Best Option

At Alexilum, business bookkeeping is our speciality. We can help you assess what your business needs to select the best option to achieve your goals.

All solutions have pros and cons, it’s simply a matter of working out which product will give you the most benefits.

We would be happy to speak or meet with you to discuss your situation. We take the time to understand your situation and help you find the best option for your needs.

You can email us at Enquiries@Alexilum.com.au or through our contact us form.

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