Choosing The Right Bookkeeping Software

We admit it. This is not an easy task by any means. There are so many different programs and features available you really do need to take time to examine several before making a final choice. The key to keep in mind is that although the process of figuring out which programs could work in your situation, once you find the perfect fit, the bookkeeping part of your business will move smoother and operate much more efficiently as a result. But what do you need to know before you take on this task? Our list of tips should get you heading in the right direction.

What Do You Need?

This can take some CSI work. The first step to finding new accounting software is to look closely at what is currently being used at your business. Old, outdated software is one thing but upgrading in order to expand the functionality of what has been in place is quite another. Before you embark on the hunt for a new program, you need to know what you need.

Have A Realistic Budget

Before you start to count pennies you have you realise that an effective and efficient accounting software program can vary widely in cost. It is also going to be an investment in the operation of your business. If your business expands within the next few years, your bookkeeping program should be able to grow along with it meaning cheaper options may not offer that flexibility..

Can It Adapt With You?

Customisation, scalability and adaptive qualities are all key checkpoints with a bookkeeping program. Database options that include multiple levels of security, compliance with other similar programs for ease of data transfer between users and expansion to meet new demands are all important factors to consider when shopping for a new bookkeeping program.

Technical/Customer Support

Nothing spells disaster quite like a major data crash and there’s no one in-house or elsewhere on the planet to talk you through the glitch. This kind of support is expensive but it is worth it when you need it most. Tutorials that train users of the program can also reduce downtime should something go south. These requirements are crucial to selecting a software provider.

Get Users Involved

If you are the person in charge of purchasing the bookkeeping software but you don’t work in the accounting department, there could be an issue. The best way to help narrow down the choices is to let those who will be using the program take turns with trial versions. Staff who will be directly impacted by the change in software would be your best source of feedback.

Most Importantly, Don’t Rush The Decision

By following these simple steps, the task of accessing a new and improved bookkeeping software program for your accounting department should be somewhat easier. As long as you take your time and set a reasonable time frame to reach this goal, the program you choose will be the best one for the requirements in your workplace. Rushing the selection can be a costly mistake, but you can avoid that by taking it a step at a time.

Need Help?

If you need help choosing the best solution for your business get in contact with us today. As a Xero Partner and Certified Advisor, MYOB Partner and Certified Quickbooks Advisor we have the expertise and backing from the three most comprehensive solutions to find the best option for you.