Alexilum is spearheaded by a Team Principal who has worked with a wide range of industries for more than two decades.

Save Time

Spend more time working on your business instead of worrying about your books.


We encourage open communication to ensure you know exactly what is happening with your accounts.


We can take care of all your bookkeeping needs from daily data entry right on up to financial year end reporting. Because keeping your finances current can be a chore, we can personalise our service to fit your needs. Plus, with our technology and systems already in place,  Alexilum BAS and bookkeeping company will provide you with simple solutions, swiftly, to remedy any issues.

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BAS and IAS reporting should be a straightforward part of your bookkeeping process rather than a difficult task. When small errors occur, it can result in additional expenses to get things fixed up again. As a Registered BAS services agent in Brisbane, Australia, we can provide the assistance you need to stay on top of your financial record reporting obligations. We do this with proven processes and systems so that you can concentrate on building your business.

Bookkeeping Rescue

Are you falling behind or has your old bookkeeper let you down? This is not an uncommon story for many business owners and we see it all to often. While you’re busy working on your business it doesn’t take long before the paperwork starts piling up or you find out too late that your bookkeeper has only been doing the bare minimum just to get paid. Before you throw the towel in our qualified staff can get your books back on track. We have rescue packages available to get your bookkeeping caught up to allow you to de-stress and focus on what you do best, building your business.



When you fully understand your cash flow situation, you can see where your business is heading and we can help you to see this. It is easy to get so involved in the daily operation of your business that you may lose track of upcoming financial commitments such as your next BAS. We have the tools and systems in place to give you regular cash flow reports and will also provide the information you need to forecast future costs to avoid any surprises.


Getting your books to balance should not be a hassle but if your figures don’t add up and all you see is numbers flowing together, you need our help. We can step in and help sort it out for you because you should be focusing on building your business instead of trying to balance the books. Our Brisbane based bookkeeping and bas service provider team can get your books back on track and set things up so the process becomes easier and one you will no longer dread having to take care of.



If words like audit, government reporting, superannuation reporting, industry reporting and addition reports make you shudder, we can take away your stress. Our processes will not only turn your compliance obligations into an easy and straightforward task, they will take away the stress. By not staying up-to-date because you are too busy or you just are not sure what is expected of you, non-compliance can get out of control. When you use our proven processes, compliance reporting becomes a regular activity without issue.


Keeping a handle on receivables can be daunting especially if it requires chasing after outstanding bills and tracking it all through regular reporting. It puts you in a bad position when you want to make the sale but still require payment as well. With the introduction of a third party, it removes you from the process so that you can spend that energy on building a solid customer relationship without the awkward payment conversation.


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